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Other Ethics Forum Projects

Successful #hype2019 discussing the role

HYPE Conference

The annual HYPE (Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts) Conference, hosted at UNH Durham, draws in over 1,200 students from across the region. Learn more about what students discuss, here.

Operation Pumpkin was a success!! We had

Mentorship Projects

Ethics Forum annually hosts Operation Pumpkin at the Mont Vernon Village School, but we are branching out to other local elementary and high schools for more mentorship projects. Learn more about them, here.

Mini Conferences

HYPE isn't our only conference event. We've also been involved with many mini-conferences such as LEAP, SPEL, and other conferences sponsored by the University of New Orleans!

Learn more about them, here.

leap conference.jpg

Claws For A Cause

Our school year starts with a homecoming fundraiser for a different cause each year. The Ethics Forum organizes all events for the week. Learn more about it, here.

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