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Claws for a Cause is an initiative started by members of the Ethics Forum in 2022. Our vision is to provide resources for students and teachers so that everyone has access to the best education possible. Clause for a Cause supports communities across the state by partnering with local organizations. For example, during our annual homecoming fundraiser in 2022, we partnered with End 68 Hours of Hunger. Events tied to our claws with a cause program are our homecoming game, homecoming dance, basketball game against Conval, and a winter dance.

Claws For A Cause 2023

Claws for a Cause 2023 has partnered with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Claws for a Cause is supporting NAMI through donating a percentage of our proceeds from our annual Claws for a Cause football game and homecoming dance to the organization.  

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