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Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts

About The Event

The event will begin with our masters of ceremonies giving a presentation highlighting the day and the program. This will be followed by a speech given by our keynote speaker. After the introduction, groups are dismissed and led by their facilitators to various rooms throughout campus in order to commence small group discussions.


Past participating students have given glowing reviews of the discussions. Some noted the comfort of the environment that facilitators were able to create saying, “people who mentioned they usually have anxiety when speaking in groups felt comfortable sharing out” and “we were able to connect on a different level and share things that are personal without having to worry about anything. It was a safe space”. Groups were able to bond well with each other, making new connections and friendships. One student even said, “We became really close and ended up having some very fun conversations [that] caused us to get to know one another really well. [When we] discussed all the discussion questions we just got to know one another personally which was really nice and we all got each other’s contact info!!” Even the adults at the event were inspired by the students’ work. As one UNH representative put it, “[the] students did a fantastic job, and every time I see them in action it energizes my commitments to active learning and student leadership”


The effects of being able to host a conference like this clearly go far beyond trivial questions and answers.
Students are given the chance to learn about others, gain a new perspective that they are not usually surrounded
with, and practice the principle of productive discussion. If these standards can be continually practiced as the
program continues to grow, ideas like that can be spread to education throughout the country. The kids of today
are the adults of tomorrow, and when these are the guiding experiences, the future begins to look a whole lot
brighter! HYPE means a lot to the Souhegan community and the immense accomplishments of this year’s
conference just go to show that there are no limits as to how much high school students can achieve.


Meet Your 2023 MC's

HYPE 2023 Sponsors
NH Civics
New Hampshire Humanities
University of New Hampshire Durham Philosophy Department
College of Liberal Arts-UNH Durham
RGSCP Grant- UNH Durham

Merrimack College
Southern New Hampshire University
Saint Anselm College
The University of New Orleans

Great Bay Community College
New England College
Colby Sawyer College

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